2018 Summer Camps

Registration for 2018 summer camps is now open!

Please see class information below for more details and links to register at Eventbrite.
Please bring the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION FORM with you on the first day of camp.

Limited scholarships are available for those who qualify. Get more information and download the application HERE.


The price of each camp includes a Studio Arts Boulder camp t-shirt!



Ages 6-8: Clay Camps

Clay Gourmet
Join us in the kitchen of clay! Construct platters, bowls, mugs, and more to hold your tasty treats. Make a ten-course clay meal of your favorite foods and desserts and host a clay tea party. You’re the artist and chef extraordinaire in this culinary clay world.

Beyond the Reef
What lives on your own peaceful island and what dangers lie beyond the reef? Design your watery world of undersea plants and animals, create magical mermaids, and construct an island paradise. Dive into the oceans this week!

Into the Woods
Learn to use slabs and coils to build colorful garden pots and woodland scenes, use bark and leaves to bring the textures of the forest into your art, and plant seeds so that you can grow your own small grove. Draw inspiration from nature and use your imagination to make the creatures that live among the branches. Let’s get lost in the trees!

Clay Expression: Spinners, Shakers, & Cubes
Express yourself through art and creation with Dakko! Coil, pinch, and roll clay into shakers and rattles. Build spinners and cubes and play Dakko’s Game of Throws. Bring your own ideas and create whatever you dream up!

Before Time Began
Travel back in time to the land of dinosaurs and prehistoric wonders. Tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, and triceratops, OH MY! Create fossils and the archaeological tools for discovery, prehistoric plants, and the enormous creatures that traveled the earth millions of years ago.

Ages 9-12: Clay Camps

Art-chitect: Lairs, Dwellings, & Skyscrapers
This week, you are the architect of your own world. What buildings and structures can you imagine? Are there city skyscrapers or fairy gardens? Are there dragon lairs or castles? Build bridges, vehicles, and houses or connect your structures to engineer a whole new civilization.

Pots. In. Space.
Get lost in worlds outside of Earth, full of new planets, stars, and mysterious martians. Create space ships to visit exotic moons and build your own solar system! This will be a week lost in the cosmos and astronomical adventure.

A Wrinkle in Clay
Centaurs, unicorns, dragons; time travel and science fiction exploration: This week you are creating your own mystical beasts, the gadgets for discovering new and magical worlds, and a collection of creatures that inhabit your wildest imaginations. Let’s travel together to uncharted realms!

Combo Clay
Spend the week in clay! Campers will practice hand-building skills, creating mugs, animals, and other fun pieces. They will also get an introduction to throwing on the wheel!

3D Forms: Sculptural and Functional
Experiment with new shapes and more complex forms. Create both functional pottery - such as, boxes, teapots, and vases - and sculptural pieces - such as animals, landscapes, and abstract structures. Jana will help each student to develop three-dimensional works of art!

Wheel Throwing Camps: Pre-Teen and Teen

Learn basic pottery skills on the wheel. Throw, trim, decorate and glaze your pieces. The week will include at least one hand-building project too.

Pre-Teen Wheel Throwing: Ages 8-12

Teen Wheel Throwing: Ages 12-16

Questions? Email registration@studioartsboulder.org or call (720) 379-6033