Adult Classes

Registration for Session 5 opens on Monday, July 30th at 8:00 am.
Our classes fill up fast, so be ready to register right when classes open!
See course descriptions and links for registration below.

For information about classes and programs as well as resources on ceramics download a copy of our Student Handbook!


2018 Adult Class Calendar

Session 1: January 7 to March 3
Session 2: March 4 to April 28
Session 3: April 29 - June 23
Session 4: June 24 - August 18
Session 5: August 26 - October 20
Session 6: October 21 to December 22 (no class Thanksgiving week)

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Registration opens at 8:00am, four weeks before each session, as follows:

Session 1: Closed
Session 2: Closed
Session 3: Closed
Session 4: Closed
Session 5: Monday, July 30th
Session 6: Monday, September 24th

Online registration is available at the links below.

Adult classes are open to students 16-years-old and over. For more specific information about what to expect, please read the Policies page.

Class cancellations are subject to a $20 fee.

5-week Pottery Sampler: 
Intro to the Studio

Totally new to pottery? Sign up for this introductory class to get a taste of what is offered at the Pottery Lab. Each week students will make a project using a new piece of equipment or construction technique. We provide all the clay and tools. You'll leave with a few finished pieces and a basic familiarity with the potter's studio. Great for first-time students.
*Please note: This class does not include Open Lab hours.

Sundays 5:00pm - 7:00pm

September 23 - October 21 - Register at Eventbrite
October 28 - November 25 - Register at Eventbrite

Beginning Pottery

For students that have never touched clay to those still learning the basics. Explore all aspects of creating with clay on and off the wheel. You'll become familiar with several different processes to make a variety of forms. Learn decoration and glazing techniques to finish your pieces. 



  • Session 5: August 25 - October 20, 9:00am - 11:30am
  • Instructor: Kathryn Martinez
  • Cost: $225
  • Register at Eventbrite

All Levels Pottery

This class is great for students with some prior throwing experience up to advanced students looking to learn new techniques and improve their throwing and hand building skills. The demonstrations are focused on utility and form, but always incorporate basic learning skills for beginners. Students with individual learning goals or special projects are also welcome to join this class. 
(Taking the Beginning Pottery with Kathryn Martinez or Al Segal is recommended before the All Levels class.)

Instructor: Chris Grandinetti

Cost: $225

Session 5: August 27 - October 15


For students of all levels who want to focus on hand-building techniques. Learn about the various handbuilding tools, create functional and sculptural pieces, and work on a variety of decoration practices. (You can see some of Margaret's work on her Instagram page.)

Instructor: Margaret Josey-Parker

Cost: $225

Session 5: August 30 - October 18

All Levels & Senior Pottery

All skill levels are welcome to participate in this class, for students with some throwing experience to advanced students! This class focuses on one aspect of skill building during each class.  Learn sculpture techniques and slab construction that you can incorporate into functional wares. Improve your wheel throwing techniques and the forms you make on the wheel.  One or two classes are spent on decoration and finishing techniques. Come together with other students to learn and discuss the ceramic arts and make exciting, vibrant pieces of art! This is a fun class to continue taking, learning from session to session. (Check out Willi's work on her website.)

Instructor: Willi Eggerman

Cost: $225

Session 5: August 28 - October 16

Intermediate / Advanced Wheel-Throwing

For intermediate to advanced students: Continue to build wheel skills with larger amounts of clay and more complicated shapes and forms. Decorate your work with more advanced glazing techniques.

Cost: $225

Session 5: August 30 - October 18

Intermediate / Advanced Wheel-Throwing: Anagama Wood Firing

This class will focus on and culminate with a woodfiring in our anagama kiln. We will explore the unique properties of woodfiring, including forms and surface treatments that take advantage of ash and flame. The anagama, a single chamber, tunnel kiln, is an ancient kiln design from China brought from Korea to Japan. Fueled by wood, the pots from an anagama are a collaboration with fire. As the flame moves over and around the work in the kiln like water in a stream, how do the material, form, and surface of our pots influence that flow - depositing ash in eddies and marking the pots with fire? 

It is very important that you can commit to the many hours of involvement outside of class that are required! Each student will be expected to sign-up for several shifts in April to help prepare the wood and the kiln, load pieces into the kiln, stoke the fire over a multi-day firing, and unload/clean-up after the firing. We estimate a minimum of 20 hrs of work time per student, outside the Lab, to be able to do this special firing. Participation in this work is mandatory and an important part of the learning process. 

Please call the Pottery Lab if you have questions about this class and the time commitment required: (720) 379-6033

Instructor: Aaron Winston

Cost: $250 plus a $60 materials fee

Session 5: August 29 - October 17


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