Adult Classes

ALL Session 6 classes are now FULL.
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For information about our classes and programs and for resources on ceramics, download a copy of our Student Handbook!


2017 Adult Class Calendar

Session 1  January 8 to March 4
Session 2:  March 5 to May 6 (no class March 26 - April 1)
Session 3:  May 7 to July 1
Session 4:  July 2 to August 26
Session 5:  August 27 to October 21
Session 6:  October 22 to December 23 (no class Thanksgiving week)

Click Here to view or download the 2017 Adult Calendar at a glance.

Registration opens at 8:00am on Monday four weeks before the session - as follows:

Session 1: Monday, December 4th for 2018
Session 2: Closed
Session 3: Closed
Session 4: Closed
Session 5: Closed
Session 6: Closed

Online registration is available at the links below. To pay by cash or check (no fees), please complete a printed Registration Form and submit it with payment (after registration opens) to the Pottery Lab office.

Adult classes are open to students 16-years-old and over. For more specific information about what to expect, please read the Policies page.

Class cancellations are subject to a $20 fee.

5-week Pottery Sampler: Intro to the Studio

Totally new to pottery? Sign up for this introductory class to get a taste of what is offered at the Pottery Lab. Each week students will make a project using a new piece of equipment or construction technique. We provide all the clay and tools. You'll leave with a few finished pieces and a basic familiarity with the potter's studio. Great for first-time students.

(Please note - this class does not include Open Lab hours or additional clay.)

Instructors: Team-taught by Sally Spear & Chris Grandinetti

Cost: $120

Sundays 5:00 - 7:00pm

Adult Beginner: Intro to Hand-building & Wheel Throwing

For students that have never touched clay to those still learning the basics. Explore all aspects of creating with clay on and off the wheel. You'll become familiar with several different processes to make a variety of forms. Learn decoration and glazing techniques to finish your pieces. 


  • Session VI: October 24 - December 19, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
  • Instructors: Meredith Clinkinbeard & Lori Januszewski
  • Cost: $210
  • Full: Join waitlist


  • Session VI: October 28 - December 23, 9:00am - 11:30am
  • Instructor: Al Segal
  • Cost: $210
  • Full: Join waitlist

All Levels Pottery

Students at every experience level will learn new techniques and improve their skills. This popular class is designed for students from beginning to advanced and those who have individual needs or special projects. Includes both wheel-throwing and hand-building.

Instructor: Chris Grandinetti

Cost: $210

Session VI: October 30 - December 18
* There IS class on Monday, November 20. *

All-Levels Hand-building Focus

For students of all levels who want to focus on hand-building and sculpture techniques.

Instructor: Margaret Josey-Parker

Cost: $210

Session VI: October 26 - December 21

Intermediate & Senior Pottery

All skill levels are welcome to participate in this class. The art of hand-building and basic sculpture are explored, as well as wheel-throwing, with special emphasis on decorating and finishing techniques. Meet new friends while learning a new hobby!

Instructor: Willi Eggerman

Cost: $210

Session VI: October 24 - December 19

NEW! Intermediate / Advanced: Wood Fire

Throw, build, trim, and decorate to maximize the unique effects of a wood firing. Don will lead a firing in the Bourry Box, a wood-burning kiln.

Instructor: Don Cox

Cost: $210 + $50 materials fee
Materials fee includes labor, wood, and other materials.

Session VI: October 26 - December 21

Intermediate / Advanced: Porcelain

For intermediate to advanced students: in this class, we will practice a specific, Japanese method of throwing porcelain "off the hump".

Instructor: Aaron Winston

Cost: $210

Session VI: October 25 - December 20

This is self-directed time for students to work independently.  Instructors from the Pottery Lab and artists from the community will be in the studio doing their own work and will be available for questions, technical instruction, and critique without formal demonstrations. (Note that beginner class runs during same time. This class requires two previous classes at the Pottery Lab.)

Cost: $210

Session VI: October 28 - December 23

Intermediate / Advanced: Independent Study