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Nov 21 | 6:30pm | Boedecker Theater
Free & Open to the public

Meet the artists and listen to them speak about their collaborative process for their current show Neo-Cubism: A New Perspective.

Neo-Cubism: A New Perspective is a collaborative exhibition by two Boulder artists, featuring Roger Reutimann’s sculptures and William Stoehr’s paintings. An examination of perspective, perception, and reality, both of these artists explore Cubist themes in their works in order to get closer to what seminal Cubists called “essential reality.”

Curator Rebecca Cuscaden describes the show: For Neo-Cubism: A New Perspective, the juxtaposition of sculpture and painting in the McMahon Gallery will be interesting for the viewer to notice as each artist explores the themes and techniques of the Cubism movement in very different ways in their works. However, both artists use line in order to portray different perspectives of the same figure which can be seen when viewing Reutimann’s sculptures and Stoehr’s paintings together in the same space.



December 12 | 6:00pm | Boedecker Theater
Free & Open to the Public

Ted Tahquechi is a legally blind photographer. His black and white photography showcases the shape and texture of the human form in the “bodyscapes” style of portraiture, a style of close-up photography where images of the human body convey the impression of landscapes. Work in this style ranges from abstract to flowing and sensual.

Ted will give a lecture at the Dairy Arts Center on his life, inspiration, and photographic work. He will discuss how he turned to the camera as a tool to see the world about him, after a car accident left him with 5% low vision in only one eye, forcing him to give up a career in the Videogames industry working for companies like Atari Accolade and Mattel Toys. Join us for an inspiring and interesting evening lecture featuring images from Ted’s Landscapes of the Body collection, with a question and answer session afterward.

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Art exhibition featuring the artists: Belle Voir, Eric Dorr, Bridget Dorr, & Pottery Lab instructor Margaret Josey-Parker!

Friday, November 17th, 4:30 - 7:30pm
238 South Cedar Brook Road, Boulder, CO 80304

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A fun night of free cocktails, art, gifts, and good vibes at The Studio (Boulder). Come shop art and goods made by the following local artists and artisans.

Kelly Degnan, Carin Reich, Shawna Todd, Willow Rockwell, Elke Bergeron, Michelle DeHaven, Sarah Kinn, Abby Jacobs, Debbie Clapper, Tia Cunningham, Stephanie Lange, Liz Quan, Rebeka Ryvola, Laura Anglin, Aleza Stirling, Jennifer Miller, Carol Ann Wachter, Naomi Edelberg, and Pottery Lab staff member Fanta Watson!

More information and RVSP here: Pop & Shop