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You can learn more about Kazu Oba and his work by visiting his website.
You can also watch this video about Kazu's practice.




Production Casting with Martin Kastner

Martin Kastner gave an impressive overview of his custom-designed production process during the workshop last weekend. He collaborates with elite hospitality and food industry icons to create custom functional ware from ceramics, wood, metal, glass, and other materials. Each client project offers a unique problem, which Martin helps solve using traditional techniques coupled with modern technologies. He showed workshop participants his process from beginning to end. Starting with how to define the problem, to prototypes, CAD drawings, and pattern making. Then, how to perfectly mix plaster every time. Followed by mold-making and various casting methods, including his $50 work-around for a $180,000 manufacturing process. Students made molds using found objects and left with a whole new perspective on the art of functional ware.

Read about Martin and his work: Martin Kastner's Bio

And thank you to The Studio Boulder for hosting Martin's Artist Talk!



Your Voice in Clay with Jim Lorio

Huge thanks to Jim Lorio for his hands-on workshop on July 15 & 16, 2017. Jim Lorio, local master potter, shared some fascinating insights into his pottery and the way we can build connections to our work. Check out some photographs from the weekend below. Images from Bob Crifasi.



Tea Vessels with Kouta Shimazaki

Thank you to Kouta Shimazaki for leading a wonderful workshop, April 22 & 23, 2017!
For more information on Kouta Shimazaki and his work in San Diego,
visit San Diego Ceramic Connection.



Classical Sculpture with Marcello Giorgi

We want to give enormous thanks to Marcello Giorgi for leading the Artist Talk & Demonstration and the Two-Day Classical Sculpture Workshop in January, 2017.

And thank you to The Studio Boulder for hosting the Talk & Demonstration!