Youth Classes

Registration for 2018 Session 1 opens on December 4th at 8:00am!
See class description and information below.



Did you know we offer Birthday Parties?

Studio Arts Boulder hosts birthday parties for kids of all ages! These events are a really fun way for your child to celebrate their big day, make some art, play with clay, and hang out with friends and family. You are welcome to bring food and decorate our kids' room. All pieces are glazed and fired by our staff and ready for pick up in about 3 weeks.
For more information, please visit Parties, or call 720-379-6033. 

    2018 Youth Class Calendar

    Session 1:  January 14 to March 24
    Session 2: April 1 - May 26
    Summer Session & Camps: June 3 - August 11
    Session 5:  August 26 - October 20
    Session 6:  October 21 to December 22 (no class Thanksgiving week)

    Click Here to view or download the 2018 Youth Calendar at a glance.

    Registration opens at 8:00am, four weeks before each session, as follows:

    Session 1: OPEN NOW
    Session 2: Monday, February 5th
    Summer Session & Camps: Tuesday, March 6th
    Session 5: Monday, July 30th
    Session 6: Monday, September 24th

    Online registration is available at the links below. To pay by cash or check (no fees), please complete a printed Registration Form and submit it with payment (after registration opens) to the Pottery Lab office.

    Youth classes do not include access to open lab hours.


    (Interested in learning about your child's pottery instructors? Visit our Instructors page!)



    5-week Family Throwing Class

    Spend Sunday mornings on the potter's wheel with your family and friends! Each week students will have a chance to practice throwing on the wheel and working to trim their pieces. On the final class, students will glaze their work. This class is a fun way to try out the wheel, make unique art, and get exposure to the world of ceramics.

    (Please note - this class does not include Open Lab hours or additional clay.)

    Instructor: Curtis Rindels

    Ages: 8 and above; All students under 16 years MUST be accompanied by a registered adult.

    Sundays 9:00am - 11:00am

    Dates: January 7, January 14, January 28, February 4, & February 11 (There is no class January 21 due to the workshop with Kazu Oba.)

    Family Clay!
    Adult + Child Together

    The Family Clay Class is a great opportunity for children to work together with an adult (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.) to make hand-built pottery! Students will learn a variety of hand-building techniques using tools, textures, stamps, and molds. Judi will lead students in both functional and sculptural pottery projects and students will paint each finished piece with colored slips. Emphasis is on working on a project as a family. This is a fun class, built around community and creativity!

    Instructor: Judi Miller

    THURSDAY: Ages 3 and above

    Session 1: January 18 - March 22

    SATURDAY: Ages 4 and above

    Session 1: January 20 - March 24

    Youth Hand-Building

    Welcome to the world of pottery! This class is designed for young children that are new to clay and interested in developing new skills. Students will learn the basics of hand-building, working to create fun and unique projects in functional pottery and creative sculpture. Children will learn to build strong, hollow forms, and will slip and paint their own work. Join us for these weekly classes where kids can get messy, learn about clay, and make new friends!


    Have fun and get creative in this handbuilding class for younger kids. Students learn the basics of hand-building, including problem-solving to make tall or hollow pieces. Jana encourages students to try new things and work to bring their ideas into creation. Students will slip and paint their own work.

    • Session 1: January 16 - March 20

    • Cost: $125

    • Instructor: Hannah Hanssens-Reed

    • 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm - Full: Join waitlist


    This class is designed for pre-teens and older children to develop their skills in handbuilding. Students will practice the basics of hand-building and experiment with more challenging projects and detailed forms. They will create fun and unique projects in functional pottery and creative sculpture, and finish their work with colored slips.

    • Session 1: January 17 - March 21
    • Instructor: Curtis Rindels

    • Cost: $125

    • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Register at Eventbrite


    FUN FRIDAYS: Ages 6 - 9
    Join us for these weekly clay adventure classes! Students will explore their imaginations through playing and creating with clay. Dakko encourages students to express themselves by building unique sculptural and functional forms, which are then painted with colored slips. These classes are a great way to have fun at the end of the week and develop creative skills in pottery.
    The focus of this class is on...
    The rules the tools and the skills to meet the challenge of creativity and imagination!

    • Session 1: January 19 - March 23
    • Instructor: Dakko Maurice

    • Cost: $125

    • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Register at Eventbrite

    Pre-Teen Wheel-Throwing:
    Ages 8 - 11

    Great for students that are brand new to the wheel as well as those that are working to improve their throwing skills! Students will practice wheel-throwing on the potter's wheel as well as create hand-built pieces using the slab roller and extruder. On the final class, students will learn about glazing their pieces. Classes take place downstairs in the Pottery Lab.


    • Session 1: January 18 - March 22
    • Instructor: Curtis Rindels
    • Cost: $169
    • 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm - Full: Join waitlist


    • Session 1: January 19 - March 23
    • Instructor: Jana Smith
    • Cost: $169
    • 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm - Full: Join waitlist

    Teen Wheel-Throwing:
    Ages 12 - 16

    Emphasizing creativity and enjoyment, this class is great for teenagers that are new to the wheel as well as those that are further developing their throwing skills. Classes will include both hand-building and wheel-throwing, trimming of thrown pots, slip decorating, and glazing of bisqued pieces. These classes are a great chance for students to learn a variety of techniques, ask questions, and play with clay!