ADULT Class Policies & Information

To help you get started, please take a look at the following information before you attend your first class! Your instructor is available for any questions you may have, or please feel free to call, email, or speak to a staff person in person.

This is a partial list of the policies in place at the Lab. Your instructor will go over additional tips and guidelines in class.

We'll do everything we can to keep you informed of all expectations so you can have the most pleasant and rewarding experience at the Lab. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please call or stop by to discuss things directly with the Operations Manager or the Pottery Lab Director. Thanks and have a great class!

Clay & Firing Services

Clay Prices:

1st bag of stoneware or recycle - $0, upcharge for specialty clays (bmix, porcelain, terra cotta, etc.) - $5 unless otherwise indicated
2nd and 3rd bags of stoneware or recycle - $20, specialty clays - $25 unless otherwise indicated
Clay purchased or obtained outside of the Pottery Lab will not be fired.

Firing Fees: (charged per piece)

  • Cost = $1 per pound of bisque-fired ware

  •  $2 minimum charge of $0.25 per piece (applies to small pieces loaded individually)

  • “Flat Rate”, additional surcharge for pieces under 2” tall AND larger than 9” in diameter (e.g. plates)

  • Weight will be rounded to the nearest 1⁄4 pound (4 ounces)

    Weighing and Payment:

    • times will be determined by the instructor and assistants of the class, open studio weigh
      times will be posted with lab hours.

    • $20 and $10 punch cards will be available for purchase and are the only acceptable form of payment
      during weigh-in. Cash, check, credit, and/or gift certificate are all acceptable forms of payment for punch

    • Punch cards are available for purchase online with registration and in person at the Pottery Lab.

    • Each piece weighed and paid for will receive a 2-part, paper ticket. Students must attach 1 of these onto the
      foot of the piece after glazing.

    •  Work will not be glaze fired without a ticket attached.

    •   Each transaction will be logged with date, artist name, total number of pieces paid for, and corresponding
      ticket numbers (e.g. 584002 - 005).

      Refunds and Credits:
      No refunds for firing and clay fees. No exceptions.
      Credits may be issued in the event of equipment failure or breakage by staff resulting in loss of the piece. Otherwise, no credit will be given for dissatisfaction with firing result.

      Questions? Contact Aaron Winston, Pottery Lab Director, at

Additional policies & information

-- Adult class fees for 8-week classes include instruction, up to 25 lbs of clay (not transferable to other students, please), a storage cubby, glazes, and use of the facility during Open Lab hours.

-- Open Lab is reserved for students currently enrolled in a full-length, 8-week adult class. This excludes students enrolled in any other program or service we may offer. Open Lab hours are posted online as well as on the front door at the beginning of the session.

-- We do provide water buckets and sponges. You can purchase beginning kits and various tools at the Lab, online, or at local suppliers such as Guiry’s, McGuckin Hardware, Meininger’s, Joann’s, or Michaels.

-- If you wish to have one, please bring a towel for clean up. You may want to have an apron as well.

-- For your safety, please do not wear open-toed shoes. Kick wheels, kilns and other equipment can be a safety concern.

-- You may attend only the class for which you are registered. Please speak with your instructor about classes missed classes and/or makeups.

-- Each session will begin with a tour of the facility. It is important that you arrive on time. All new students go on the tour to acquire information necessary to have a successful experience.

-- Individual bags of clay will be issued only to students in a regular, full-length, 8-week adult class upon completion of the tour, locker form, and grant survey. We will always have stoneware clay available. Adult students may use up to 25 lbs of stoneware (1 bag) per session without an extra fee. A second and third bag of clay can be purchased if needed at a price of $20 for our stoneware clay. When available, adult students may use other clays instead of stoneware. These are generally more expensive and require a surcharge (prices will be listed in clay room).

-- To protect the integrity of our firings and safeguard every student's work, clay from any outside source is prohibited. You may only use clay provided by the Pottery Lab.

-- In most classes your instructor will demonstrate for 20 to 30 minutes of each class period (times may vary depending upon subject matter or circumstance). Unless otherwise indicated by the instructor, all students are expected to pause their work and give their full attention.

-- Clean-up is critical! Please help our hardworking staff and volunteers by beginning clean-up 30 minutes before the end of class, helping out with common areas, and leaving class on time.

-- For each 8-week session, you need to complete all “wet” work during the 6th week of class, the 7th class is for trimming, finishing construction, and placing all work on the “to be bisqued carts” so they will be ready to glaze on your 8th and final class.

-- The last class is usually an end-of-session potluck where students bring refreshments and socialize while filling out an evaluation survey. Adult students can also glaze pieces during this last class and pick them up after the session ends.

We are so glad to have you at the Pottery Lab. Have a great time and be patient… it's often harder than it looks!

Read more about our programs and get an understanding of ceramics in our Student Handbook.