Expansion Concept Design

Concept front - labeled.jpg

Imagine an inspirational, state-of-the-art, custom-built facility where studio art education is accessible to everyone.

Imagine a place where local residents can flex their creative muscles and train their brain for innovation.

Imagine a space that fosters friendships between every age group and no one is on a screen.



Located along a high-traffic, gateway corridor, the exterior is designed to ignite the imagination and curiosity of those who pass by.

The initial design incorporates natural materials (see below) that reflect different mediums taught inside the building: metal, wood, earth.

The roof-line captures indirect northern light and direct solar energy, reducing the environmental footprint of the building.

Covered kiln and forge yards are partially visible from the multi-use path, helping draw attention to the activity happening inside the building.

A rooftop patio maximizes the view of the Flatirons and provides a private outdoor event space.

Large windows give glimpses of each studio in action and garage doors allow indoor-outdoor movement.

The design creates a standout facility from both the neighborhood and highway sides.

Concept Back labeled - color.jpg

Cor-Ten weathered steel panels:

Exterior Materials - CoreTen Steel - web2.jpg

Sho Sugi Ban charred wood siding:

Exterior Materials - Sho Sugi Ban Wood - web2.jpg

Rammed earth and mosaic tile accents:

Exterior Materials - Rammed Earth - web2.jpg


Initial floor plans include:

  • Gallery: an open lobby for exhibitions and events with support kitchen and art supply retail

  • Ceramics: a large open studio for hand-building and wheel-throwing + separate areas for glazing, storage, and kilns

  • Blacksmithing: an open studio for cutting, welding, and forging

  • Woodworking: bench area for hand-tools and construction + machine area for cutting and shaping

  • Glass: kilns for slump & fuse work + fully-equipped stations for torch work

  • Printmaking: open studio with presses and worktables + a darkroom for screen processing

  • Events: a gathering plaza at the front of the building + a rooftop terrace with Flatiron views

  • Flexibility: a large conference/teaching space for meetings and programs

  • Accessibility: universal access throughout the building, including an expanded elevator and unisex bathrooms

  • Offices: administrative space to accommodate increased staff

  • Storage: in-studio storage for each art form + basement storage for event supplies

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Blacksmithing unlabeled.jpg
Woodworking unlabeled.jpg
Glass unlabeled.jpg
Printmaking unlabeled.jpg

How can I help?

The land donation and tax matching funds are a great start, but we need YOU to make this building a reality. Please take two simple steps today:

1) Share your ideas
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