Adult Classes

Don Cox

I've been making handcrafted pots for over two decades. Skill and competence at the potter's wheel, in glazing, decoration, and firing were early goals and continue to be primary goals even today. My search now is about bringing these elements into a cohesive whole. Slowly, day-by-day, my work continues to evolve and progress. The daily, monthly, yearly, cycle of studio pottery is what sustains me as an artist.

Willi Eggerman

Willi Eggerman is a visiting instructor who also teaches at the Boulder Potter's Guild. Her career in ceramics began in 1986 and expanded into sculpture in the past decade. Willi studies painting and drawing and incorporates unique decorative techniques into her pieces. She teaches workshops and classes at her professional studio gallery, which you can also visit by appointment.

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Chris Grandinetti

Chris has been a part-time pottery and ceramicist for 25 years in the Boulder / Denver area. Chris has worked with the City of Boulder’s Pottery Lab and the Potter’s Guild as a clay maker, glaze tech and pottery instructor for the past 15 years. Most recently, he has worked at the Pottery Lab as a teacher; he created a clay recycling program for the Pottery Lab that has been very successful.

Margaret Josey-Parker

Since graduating with an MFA from the University of Oregon, I have taught ceramics at many places in Colorado and other western states. I believe art is a visual language of personal symbols and my work is a rough sketch or diary of my life. The collection of individual events and the emotional ebb and flow of everyday life eventually stream into a coherent current through my work.

Kathryn Martinez

Kathryn has been teaching the beginning pottery classes at the Boulder Pottery Lab since 2014 and, prior to that, she was a teaching assistant for 9 years. She loves the enthusiasm and eagerness of beginning students and finds it very rewarding to see their skills and knowledge about the clay process grow. Her own work is primarily functional yet she is always searching for a way to embellish the ordinary and bring beauty into everyday life.

Al Segal

My first experience with clay was in the Pottery Lab's beginner class 12 years ago. I was immediately hooked. I mostly do wheel-thrown functional ware, and my focus is on surfaces, using sgraffito and other texturing techniques.

Ann Fontenot

It all started with playing mud pies at my Grandfather’s ranch in Texas. The opportunity to continue that love affair presented itself when I moved to Boulder and took a class from Betty Woodman at the Boulder Pottery Lab. The rest is history. I sandwiched in classes whenever possible and returned enthusiastically after retiring. I love throwing and hand building and combining the two. I also love teaching others about the magic of clay.

Aaron Winston

Aaron earned a master's degree in printmaking from the University of New Mexico where he also began to practice a Japanese tradition of throwing porcelain. At the end of his studies, Aaron was invited for a short but life changing stay with Living National Treasure, Inoue Manji in Japan. Aaron then moved to San Diego, where he worked both with Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail Design creating unique service pieces in porcelain and also with Kouta Shimazaki at the San Diego Ceramic Connection learning about operating a community studio and the art of ceramics in general. In 2006, he came to Boulder, and started working at the Boulder Pottery Lab. In 2015, Aaron became the Director of the Pottery Lab where he continues to teach and practice.

Sally Spear

I studied Ceramics at Penn State University. During my first clay class, I knew I had found my medium. This moment changed my life direction, no looking back. The clay continues to spin me around and re-find my center. My work is a reflection of flow and connection. I work a lot with texture and subtlety of form and invite both depth and whimsy into my pieces. I currently teach at the Pottery Lab, New Vista High School, and have a studio at Centercraft. 

Katie Koch

Katie took her first class at the Pottery Lab in 2013 and fell in love with clay. She has happily been playing with clay since and is now the Outreach Program Coordinator, instructing wheel-throwing and hand-building for students of all ages through our outreach programs. She spends most of her time with clay at the wheel, and is still searching for the "perfect mug shape"... if it exists. When not at the lab, she can be found gardening or hiking with her dog Sophie.

Greg Belfor

After leaving the high-tech world, Greg found his new passion in clay. He has taken classes and workshops from 8 excellent instructors at the Pottery Lab. He is totally intrigued and enthralled by the mix of what he can (mostly) control in form and what he cannot control in the firing and glazing process. Currently, he is an adult instructor and teaching assistant at the Pottery Lab.

Youth Classes

Jana Smith & Dakko Maurice

Jana and Dakko's goal is for the children to have fun together with clay. For being with clay, they say, "The rules, the tools, and the skills combine to meet the challenge of creativity and imagination." Through pinch, slab, and coil, Jana and Dakko teach through an approach that fosters self-directed individual exploration within the group. They have instructed the children’s pottery classes and the children’s summer and spring break camps, and are full of a unique passion and love for arts education. Positive feedback from students and parents encourage Jana and Dakko in their own exploration with clay at the Boulder Pottery Lab.

Judi Anderson

Judi has been a Pottery Lab enthusiast since 2001 as a student and assistant, then as Child/Parent class instructor since 2011. Clay has been a passion of hers throughout her life. After receiving a BA in Studio Arts, she continued studying with many clay artists throughout the country.

“My work primarily took the form of functional clay until 2003, when I studied sculpture at the Pottery Lab and realized just how much I had to express about myself as a woman, what is important to me, and what I wish to communicate to others. It reflects my life as a female, growing up outside the U.S. and travelling extensively, experiencing many cultures, religions and their arts. I remember standing in awe, as a child, at the foot of the Christo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro. My hope is to share a little of that awe through my own creations.”

Curtis Rindels

After an early career as a chef, Curtis tried an entirely different artistic endeavor by enrolling in classes at the Pottery Lab. He was hired as a studio assistant at the Lab in 2015 and has excelled in ceramics in a very short period of time. He teaches a pre-teen wheel-throwing class as well as the pre-teen hand-building class and is excited about pursuing a new career in education.

Nick Swann

Nick graduated from CU Boulder in 2017 with majors in Ceramics and Education. Throughout and after college, he spent time teaching in many different settings: pre-schools, high schools, art camps, working in Art and Behavioral Therapy, and now at the Pottery Lab. His love of clay reflects his love for our earth and our life, since they are all intertwined. Teaching and seeing how children of any age interact with clay brings constant inspiration, as Nick believes we should all create like children do. When Nick isn't in the studio you can find him painting, laying in hammocks around Boulder, and walking around barefoot enjoying nature.


Codey Davis

Codey was always creative and loved working with numerous mediums, however, since her first class in ceramics when she was 13, she was sure she had found her passion.  Studying (and graduating) from RIT in Rochester, NY  in 2018 with a BFA in Ceramics and an immersion in Psychology, she continued to explore and expand her interests and skills.  Codey has also always enjoyed working with kids.  From babysitting, to teaching swim lessons and various art classes, to simply hanging out with her young cousins, she has a real affinity for inspiring young people to be their best.  Future plans include a return to grad school, to earn her Master's in Art Therapy and a Doctorate in Psychology.  This combination of training will assist her in utilizing her passions in the service of others, which is a role she sees herself in throughout her life.


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