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Our mission is to cultivate the artist in each of us by inviting creative collaboration in the study, practice, and advancement of the studio arts.

Currently, Studio Arts Boulder offers ceramics programs through the Boulder Pottery Lab, which was founded in 1954. The Lab provides educational programs to all ages – children, teens, adults, and seniors – as well as people with disabilities. Lab staff and students also work to advance safe environmental practices in the arts, such as energy-efficiency, low-water use, and zero waste.

We partner with a number of local organizations to provide studio art programs in schools, community centers, and residential facilities. These include our partnerships with the City of Boulder Journeys through EXPAND program to provide weekly pottery classes to individuals recovering from mild traumatic brain injuries, Youth Services Initiative to offer programs to young people living in low-income housing, Attention Homes to offer classes to youth experiencing homelessness, Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence to serve survivors of domestic violence, and The “I Have a Dream” Foundation for youth at risk of dropping out.

In addition to ceramics, we partner with other studio arts organizations to provide programming in other mediums, such as a printmaking summer camp! As these relationships grow, our ability to provide more classes and workshops in a variety of studio art forms will also expand.

Our Core Values

We believe art is a basic human right. Whether a child's drawing or a symphony performance, art is essential. Because of this core belief, we strive to offer services that are:

 Universal: Programs must be affordable and accessible to all ages, abilities, and skill-levels.

 Collaborative: Studio Arts, by their nature, invite communal interaction because they require artists to share equipment, space, and supplies.

 Sustainable: Art can be performed in environmentally- and economically-responsible ways.

 Exceptional: Highly-qualified instructors and a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility foster excellent artistic experiences for all participants.


Momentum Report

The Momentum report is a review of the last three years since Studio Arts Boulder took over management of the Pottery Lab. Instead of an annual report for 2017, this multi-year report gives the community a more complete update about the Lab's transition from city-run program to independent nonprofit. Please click on the image below or visit www.studioartsboulder.org/momentum to access the full report.