Studio Arts Bus


Envision a Studio Arts Bus

At our Envision auction fundraising event in 2016, pioneering donors gave nearly $10,000 to launch the Studio Arts Bus project. The idea was a studio-on-wheels that could be used both as a work space for classes, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences as well as a gallery space for exhibits, sales, and promotion of the studio arts.

We believe art is a basic human right. There is an artist in each of us. Art programs should be affordable and accessible to all ages, abilities, and skill-levels. Those who face language, cultural, or mobility barriers, or who have limited resources, are the least able to come to the studio on their own. If we can bring the studio to them, those barriers are removed.

The Studio Arts Bus would reach parts of our community that are eager to learn more about the arts but have a limited ability to do so. Imagine the vibrancy of our community if all corners of Boulder were able to fully participate in arts & culture activities.

Aaron Winston, Pottery Lab Director, checks out the bus

Getting on the road

This vision is now coming to life, thanks to the Boulder Valley School District who generously donated a retired school bus to Studio Arts Boulder for this project (in the photos above!).

A portion of the initial funds from donors in 2016 has been used to purchase 12 portable pottery wheels, which are already in use for outreach programs and at community events. The remaining funds will cover the cost of insurance, registration, and other immediate expenses.

In order to get the Studio Arts Bus on the road, it needs electricity, water, storage, clever display spaces, and other features that make it usable as both a studio and a gallery. Plans are underway to make this a reality, but it will take additional funding to complete.

Dunedin Fine Art Center's "Wheels on Wheels" program in Florida

Dunedin Fine Art Center's "Wheels on Wheels" program in Florida

The "Pots on Wheels!" project in Connecticut

The "Pots on Wheels!" project in Connecticut

How you can help

If you have relevant skills and talent to assist with the renovation of the bus, please reach out and let us know! Send an email to Aaron and tell us how you could lend a hand.

If you have the means to make a financial gift to support completion of the Studio Arts Bus, please make a contribution today through our Donate page!

Please consider making a recurring monthly gift to support the ongoing operations of the Studio Arts Bus. Many of the activities offered will be free or reduced-rate programs to underserved populations, which are only possible because of support from our generous donors. Your recurring donation will keep the bus on the road month after month. Simply select the button next to "Recurring" during check out.

Thank you for your support! Forward-thinking donors helped launch this project in 2016. Your generous help today will get the bus on the road and ensure it serves the community for years to come.