Claire McArdle
Terracotta Figurative Sculpture Workshop

Explore expressions from your subconscious mind directly into studies in clay. In this workshop, students will create figurative sculptures using two types of Terracotta clay mined in Tuscany, Italy.  McArdle will walk students through her gestural, subtractive process and teach techniques for the application of terra sigillata to achieve color.

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A Celebration of Jomon with Ifurai, Genya Murakami, Ryujiro Oyabu

A huge THANK YOU to all our partners and sponsors for helping Studio Arts Boulder host master potters from Japan for a month-long Celebration of Jomon — Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CU Boulder Center for Asian Studies, Simpson United Methodist Church, Black Cat Farm, Boulder Public Library, New Vista High School, Boulder High School, Nisei Veterans Heritage Foundation, and The Japan Foundation.

Photos are from the hands-on workshop and the first Jomon Noyaki open firing in the U.S.



Works in Progress with Kim Dickey

Dickey led participants through a hands-on exploration of their own creativity, guiding beyond self-imposed barriers. She helped expand participants’ hand-building “vocabulary” and challenged them to invert their own expectations. “If the piece is sculptural, how could you make it functional? If it’s functional, how could you make it sculptural? If it’s an object, what kind of world could it hold? Or what kind of world holds it? If it’s a figure, how could it become an animal? If it’s a plant, where would it grow?”  Using found objects, unresolved pieces, and gestures created by other workshop participants, students developed creative responses by extending these existing forms and contributing new ideas to the work.

About Kim Dickey:
Artist and Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, Kim Dickey has exhibited her work in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, and in the United States at MASS MoCA, Everson Museum of Art, the American Craft Museum (now MAD), and MCA Denver, among other venues.


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